COVID 19 Update:
– Hi to everybody just a quick note to keep you all in the picture, currently we are closed, we are hoping to open shortly as soon as the regulations allow us, if you have missed a booking due to this and have not been in contact with me, please ring me to discuss.
If you have missed a booking due to lockdown, you can rebook using your existing deposit for dates in the future, subject to availability, for however long it takes, your payment will not be lost, book the dates you want provisionally and make no payment.
If you want to book a trip for the summer please do it in the normal way, pay the deposit and it will be secure. If we are still under lockdown during your dates your payment will be safe to rebook on future dates after these restrictions are lifted.
I hope that all makes sense, apologies we are in crazy times which are hopefully coming to their end, regards Simon.
Countryside Cabins are having to close immediately following last nights government orders. We are sorry about this news but have no alternative. We are seeking government advice as to how we move forward. Please do not pay any balances as we are not sure of a re-open date as yet.
We are in a time of national emergency , and will do our very best to look after our loyal customers, for those of you having paid deposits etc we will endeavour to seek best advice on how to protect them.We are also seeking best practices in this situation.

We are all very disappointed as indeed you are but lets hope by obeying the rules set out to us by this government that we all get through this together as best we can. At the moment this is only for a few weeks.

Stay safe and good luck, we will inform you all of any changes as soon as we get them, regards Simon.

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